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Euro Pools Design offers professional and reliable services, each of them tailored to suit your specific circumstances. You can depend on our professional experience to find the right solutions to help make your concept a reality.  We offer a wide variety of scope of works including detailed design consultation, tailored to suit your needs, which can comprise of either schematic or detailed design packages (or both).


Euro Pools Design Ltd. will co-ordinate closely with the Design Team to develop the overall design and specification of the filtration and mechanical systems associated with the filtration and treatment of all pool water required for all pools and play structure attractions. Euro Pools Design Ltd. will also take into account the client – supplied operating criteria of the features that will affect the engineering design of the aquatic system. In addition to this Euro Pools Design Ltd. will coordinate with the clients production team to ensure that all equipment and design conforms to local codes and are readily available in the local market.


General Services for a typical Concept Design Package would include:

  • Design of water systems filtration and features plants for pool attractions as outlined in the master plan documentation.
  • The basic specification and schedule of all pools / features mechanical equipment to be included in the project.
  • The basic concept design of the filtration and water treatment systems, taking into account the normal and extended season operating schedules that the client is planning to undertake.
  • Provision of basic concept drawings relevant to the location and sizing of all plantrooms and tanks associated with the water filtration systems.
  • Provision of basic concept design criteria for services and utility engineering, including water demand, sanitary loads and electrical power requirements.
  • Basic outline of all technical & operations specifications of the equipment.
  • During Master Plan Refinement, Euro Pools Design Ltd. will develop the concept design criteria for the proper plant positioning of the aquatic treatment system, the general size of the facilities and general routing of the pipe system relative to the mechanical and filtration design.
  • Euro Pools Design Ltd. will review the mechanical and water supply requirements of the pools and any water features into the design package.
  • Provide basic concept drawings relevant to the location and sizing of all plantrooms and tanks associated with the water filtration systems.
  • Review & Response of RFI Bid package.
  • Provide a concept performance specification for the water filtration and water treatments plants for all pools

Beijing Water Cube - Happy Magic Leisure Complex


Concept Design


Completed Installation

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